About Us


Founded on April 3, 1910, Central was organized as a neighborhood church at the corner of 16th and Poplar Streets. Central has served as a faithful landmark in Pine Bluff over the years.


In our new home at Trinity Drive & Ridgeway Road, we look forward to continuing our ministry in the Pine Bluff community and surrounding area.

Central is a community of faith and witness.We are committed to discipleship in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through caring, sharing, nurturing, worshiping, studying, and growing in faith.

To All

Who are weary and seek rest,

Who mourn and long for comfort,

Who struggle and desire victory,

Who sin and need a Savior,

Who are idle and look for service,

Who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and Whosoever will come:

This church opens wide the doors and offers welcome in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord

Central Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement

To Celebrate God’s Love,

Nurture Growth, Share Our Faith

And Serve the Needs of Others

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