The Christmas Story


The Choir is proud to present Tom Fettke & Thomas Grassi’s The Christmas Story for this years Christmas Cantata on Sunday, December 21st. This year’s program features the story of Christmas, filled with glorious images of promise, joy, love, faith, worship, and a baby, God’s great gift of salvation. The blend of 13 familiar and lesser-known carols are a perfect match for Ken Bible’s refreshing perspective on the timeless tale. We hope to see everyone there!

New Hymnals Are Coming!!


The CPC Worship and Music Committee, with help from our Choirmaster Marty Shell, are pleased to announce that the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song has presented the PC(USA) a new Presbyterian Hymnal, Glory to God! The hymnals will be publish in the fall of this year at a price of $20 per hymnal. But, if you order a copy before May 31st, there is a discount that brings the price to $15 per hymnal. If you wish to sponsor a copy for the church, please fill out this order form and return it, with payment, to the church office. For more information about the new hymnal visit THIS WEBSITE!

A Thrill of Hope

Mark your calendar for this Sunday, December 19th, when the Central Presbyterian Church Choir will present A Thrill of Hope by Joel Raney for our annual Christmas Cantata. “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!” Nothing captures the awe and wonder of Christmas better than that single phrase from John Dwight’s “O Holy Night,” and it serves as the cornerstone of this Christmas musical. A Thrill of Hope looks at the birth of Christ from four distinct vantage points – celebrating the Hope he brought, the Love he showed, the Peace he promised, and the Joy of Emmanuel, God with us, forevermore! This Arrangement is filled with an array of familiar carols and hymns, all arranged in a variety of moods and musical styles to create a riveting re-telling of the Christmas story! Don’t miss this performance as your choir has been working exceptionally hard to present this message in song and liturgy for the Christmas season!