The Digital Scene


The Central Scene has gone digital! As always we’ll continue to host the Central Scene here at the website, but in an effort to be more environmentally responsible and cost conscious, we’re changing the newsletter’s preferred delivery method to E-mail! April’s Newsletter has already been sent via E-mail. We’ll also be delivering this month’s via postal mail as well. April will be the last delivered to your postal address if you don’t let the church office know of your preference for postal mail. If you didn’t receive one via email, would prefer to keep receiving the newsletter via postal mail, or would like to add someone to the mailing list for the newsletter, please contact the church office.

Welcome Rev. King!

Dave King7

Central Presbyterian Church is proud to announce Rev. David S. King has agreed to serve as our Transitional Pastor. He will serve a three-day work week during the time period that Central is searching for a full time pastor.  The days Rev. King will be in Pine Bluff at Central will regularly be Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We extend a warm welcome to Rev. King!