Pentecost Sunday

The Pentecost Offering

Investing in the Church’s Greatest Resource. Our Youth.

The Special Offerings are a way for all Presbyterians to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. The Pentecost Offering, one of four Special Offerings, gives us the unique opportunity to share God’s love by helping nurture faith in our youth and young adults.

Faith-Building Opportunities.

Gifts to this Offering support young people in a variety of ways in the community and on a global level.

  • 40% of your contributions remain within our congregation for use on behalf of youth in our community. We’ll invest the funds received in local programs focused on children at risk and development of youth.
  • The Presbyterian Mission Agency uses the remaining 60% to improve the lives of youth and young adults around the world by supporting programs like the Youth Triennium and Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs). From advocacy that nurtures and protects our children, to ministries that inspire youth and those called to accompany them in their walk with Christ, your gifts serve young adults worldwide by bringing them together in fellowship, worship, and service.

Your Gift Will Make a Difference.

The opportunities and care provided to youth through the Pentecost Offering are invaluable in sharing the love of Christ. With your support, we can help transform young lives and make a positive impact in generations to come for a hopeful future. Here are some examples of how your gift makes a difference:

  • More than 5,200 young people attended the Presbyterian Youth Triennium in 2013
  • One-third of all Young Adult Volunteers go on to ordained leadership

How to give:

  • Through the Pentecost Offering at CPC Sunday, June 8th
  • Through the web at
  • Text “YOUNG” to 20222

Help us share God’s love. Please give generously to the Pentecost Offering. For answers to questions, contact the Presbyterian Mission Agency by visiting or by calling 800.728.7228, x5047.

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