Flooding Response

Now that the waters of the Arkansas River are receding, the real work is beginning.

Many have asked how to help in the wake of the flooding that has plagued Arkansas. So we will answer the question as comprehensively, briefly, and helpfully as we can.

Recovery is a slow process.

What the needs are and what you can do:

Prayer: Prayer is always needed in response to disasters. Please pray for everyone affected by the flooding, those who are assisting in the flood response, and those who are friends and relatives of those affected and responding.

Through the Presbytery Disaster Preparedness and Response Subcommittee (DPRS), which is funded by your contributions:
Your donations help DPRS meet unmet needs in Arkansas. That is, we help community groups resource rebuilding for people who lack their own resources to recover. In recent years, DPRS has helped the communities of Vilonia, Mayflower, Pocahontas, and McGehee rebuild after tornadoes and flooding. We will assist long-term recovery groups in communities along the river.

DPRS collaborates with our community partners, for example, United Methodists, Southern Baptists, Roman Catholics, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and others to be sure that our helping work is coordinated, doesn’t step on each other’s toes, and provides assistance to the neediest survivors first. The partners will help each other now and for the long term. Recovery takes a long time, months and even years. Checks can be made to the Central Presbyterian Church and put Flood Response on the memo line and the donations will be forwarded to the DPRS.

Through Ferncliff: Send money to Ferncliff for supplies for Church World Service cleanup buckets and Gifts of the Heart — or make up buckets and/or kits and send them to Ferncliff. Ferncliff can buy supplies wholesale, so money is a welcome gift. Link to kit and bucket lists is at https://cwskits.org/

Through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), which is funded by your contributions through One Great Hour of Sharing and designated gifts:
The PCUSA disaster arm, PDA, has already reached out to us, and General Presbyter Stewart Smith has already requested a small PDA grant. Other assistance may be available as time passes. You can contribute to PDA’s North American Disaster Relief Fund at https://pma.pcusa.org/donate/make-a-gift/gift-info/DR000015/

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you will respond.

–For Further information: Ray Stephens at rayandkaystephens@att.net,
Liz Branch at erbranch@comcast.net, or Ike Brighton at ginik471@gmail.com

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