The Moravian Love Feast!


The Annual Moravian Love Feast, our unofficial start of Advent, is planned for this Sunday, December 1st, at 5:30pm. The Love Feast is a tradition at Central. Members will bring sweet breads, soups, and sandwiches to be blessed and shared. Also, Hot Wassail, a warm spiced cider beverage, will be served. We gather as members of the family of God, and together we will seek God’s blessing for our community and our world.

For a little background on the Moravian Love Feast click the link below!

This celebration grows out of the traditions of the Moravian Church.  They trace their roots to John Hus, an early Reformer in Moravia, now part of the Czech Republic.  Hus was a priest who was executed in 1415 for advocating ideas Martin Luther would fight for a hundred years later in Germany.  His followers, who came to be known in this country as the Moravian Church, were the first Protestant Church in Europe, even before there was a Protestant Movement. Hundreds of years ago, as part of their Christmas observances, Moravians developed a celebration meal that has come to be called a “Love Feast.”  It is not intended to be a communion service, but was intended to reflect the “agape meals’ believers shared in the earliest days of the Christian movement.  Many American churches outside the Moravian tradition also observe this feast, such as Central Presbyterian!

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